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Platinum Package

  • All Gold features plus:

  • Profits & Loss Budget Performance

  • Payroll Summary. Journal Entries Entered Monthly Sales Graph

  • Monthly Income and Expenses Graph

  • Monthly Budget vs. Actual Graph

  • Monthly Net Worth Graph

  • Monthly Aging A/R Graph

  • Custom-Designed Reports: We will prepare custom-designed reports that provide you with the information you need to manage your business better Some reports we can provide include:

  • Budget vs. Actual: We can provide you with a monthly budget vs. actual report so you can see how you are doing against your projections.

  • Customer Reports: We can provide reports to help you identify your most and least profitable customers

  • Breakout of Expenses. Rolling Forecast

  • Employee Reports

  • 2 hrs with tax advisor or bookkeeper monthly

  • 200 + Transactions

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