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Silver Package

  • All transactions entered into QuickBooks

  • Assign all transactions to the appropriate income and expense accounts

  • Reconciliation of Bank Statements: Your bank statements can be emailed directly to R & R Tax and Bookkeeping for reconciliation.

  • Financial Statements: R & R Tax and Bookkeeping will provide monthly financial statements for your review as part of our basic bookkeeping services packages:

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • Bank Reconciliation Summary

  • General Ledger

  • Year End Reports for your Accountant: We will provide your accountant with the information they need to quickly and inexpensively prepare your taxes

  • Bank Reconciliation Detail

  • Trail Balance

  • Cash Disbursements Journal

  • Cash Receipts Journal

  • 1 hr with bookkeeper or tax advisor monthly

  • Up to 124 Transactions

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